TOKYO–()–NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd. (President: Jun Odashima; hereinafter NRI
Secure), a leading provider of information security solutions in Japan,
has begun providing Japan’s first-ever*1 “Blockchain
Assessment,” a security Assessment service designed for systems and
services which use blockchain technology*2.

As the blockchain technology has become more widespread, the presence of
security-related vulnerabilities has also become increasingly apparent.
In particular, with regard to smart contracts, *3 one of a
constituent element of services using the blockchain, a cyberattack
carried out on any vulnerable programs could lead to major threats or
even to actual damage*4 by causing services to behave
differently than originally intended.

In response to these issues, NRI Secure has systematized its accumulated
knowledge and insights in the form of the “Blockchain Assessment”
service. As its first step, NRI Secure will be launching the security
assessment service for smart contracts. The service performs assessment
from the dual perspectives of static analysis, which carefully analyzes
a program, and dynamic analysis, which involves simulating a real
attack, in order to identify vulnerabilities.

More assessment menus for other constituent elements of the blockchain
will be added in the future. (2 to 4 in the overview diagram). This
service is only available in English and Japanese.

NRI Secure continues to provide a variety of products and services for
supporting companies and organizations in their information security
measures, and to contribute to the creation of a safe information system
environment and society on a global scale.

*1   First-ever in Japan: This is the first security assessment service
designed specifically for the blockchain to be provided by a medium-
or large-scale security vendor in Japan (according to NRI Secure
*2 Blockchain technology: A technology which achieves a distributed
consensus among its participants and makes it possible to manage
audit trails for all transactions, without the intervention of a
trusted third party. Given such features as its ability to make
falsifying data extremely difficult, its near-zero downtime, its
lack of a centralized manager, and its high transaction performance,
the blockchain has been lauded for being inexpensive to develop and
for its potentially broad application as a way for companies to
exchange information. These features have led to expectations that
the blockchain can be used not only for cryptocurrencies such as
Bitcoin, but as a circulation platform for transactions involving
various asset types. Furthermore, this technology is also gaining
notice for its potential use in the recording and storage of more
common types of contracts, as well as in automatic contract
*3 Smart contracts: This refers to contracts which are programmed and
can be automatically executed. A smart contract is arranged with the
execution conditions and contractual terms prescribed in advance,
such that the contract is automatically executed when a transaction
occurs matching said conditions. Smart contracts are being
considered for use in securities settlements, real property
transactions, the sharing economy, and numerous other fields that
involve contracts.
*4 Actual damage: “The DAO Incident” occurred on June 17, 2016. Funds
(virtual currency) held by “The DAO,” a virtual corporation
established by a Germany-based venture capital company, were
transmitted to a cyber-attacker who had exploited vulnerabilities in
The DAO’s smart contract programming code.
*5 DApps: This abbreviation stands for Decentralized Applications, and
refers to applications that are decentralized and distributed. They
are said to enable the use of highly-reliably, low-cost applications
via blockchain technology, without the need for a centralized system

About NRI Secure

NRI SecureTechnologies is a subsidiary of Nomura Research Institute
(NRI) specializing in Cybersecurity, and a leading global provider of
next-generation managed security services and security consulting.
Established in 2000, NRI SecureTechnologies is focused on delivering
high-value security outcomes for our clients with the precision and
efficiency that define Japanese quality.
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“Blockchain Assessment” Service

  • Supported platforms: Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric
    platforms will be supported at a later time.
  • Supported languages: Solidity, Go, Java
    *Please contact us
    regarding any other languages.
  • Price: Estimates will be provided on an individual basis.
  • For more details on the “Blockchain Assessment” Service, please

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