Version: `0.0.0`
OS & Version: windows/linux/osx
Node version: `geth 0.0.0` 
Number of blocks synchronized: 0

hello , i transferred my etherium money to etherium wallet but its not showing up , dont know why it is updating block , this is very pathetic because my etherium wallet is lock and i cannot access my etherium money. i thought this wallet would be safe but i was wrong.
now tell me what should i do , my internet speed is very low and it would take atleast 3 weeks to download all files , dafaq. all my money is lost in your wallet and i cannot sell it also. watch this link , also what is private network. earlier it was updating but now due to private network i am strucked. please help me . i :checked on etherscan also and its showing me there but on this wallet it dont show. :/ 👎
my email id is

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