Airdrops, Mercedes, Maseratis. If history’s anything to go by, then Justin Sun has a habit of accompanying huge announcements with big giveways.

But the Tron team has upped the ante this time as they’re preparing to giveaway a “dream home” at a time when Coinbase listing rumors have Tron holders in a constant state of anticipation.

More than ever, TRX holders will be hoping that the magnitude of the announcement matches the size of the giveaway.

Binance Listing and Maserati / Mercedes Giveaway

Justin Sun’s first big giveaway shortly followed the listing of Tron on Binance.

The Christmas giveaway was a pivotal moment for Tron and was arguably one of the reasons why the coin’s price rose from fractions of a cent in late 2017 to a high of around $0.2 at its peak in January 2018.

Tron is now one of the most highly traded coins on Binance according to CoinMarketCap. The Tron team will be no doubt be looking to replicate their Binance success on other major trading platforms.

If Tron is listed on Coinbase, then there’s no doubt that Sun would use the opportunity to drive as much visibility and awareness for the coin as possible to accompany the announcement. And let’s be honest, giveaways don’t get much bigger than a dream home.

Justin Sun is renowned for his business acumen and ensuring that the Binance listing was given as much exposure as possible was a savvy marketing move from the Jack Ma University graduate.

Judging the future by the past, is this the clearest signal yet that something huge is on the horizon?

Tron’s Dream Home Giveaway

Justin Sun hasn’t yet elaborated on exactly what the giveaway will include but that hasn’t quelled the excitement of some Tron holders:

Tron’s proprietary network launch, Main Net, is now less than 2 weeks away leaving the Tron team enough time to start dialling up the hype to maximum volume. Expect big things.

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